Memorable 5 letter .com with deep Irish roots meaning "to eat"
From IT to restaurant, game to security, so many possibilities within this name!


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This 5 letter pronounceable .com domain name could apply to any area.  In middle and ancient Irish it is a word meaning ‘to eat’ so it one wanted to build on that idea the name is a perfect fit for branding a restaurant or food service company.


An information technology (IT) company might build on the idea that it starts with that acronym. The combination of two simple common words it + hid add to possible uses for this versatile short domain name with hid suggestive of VPN, data cloaking, privacy, compliance, etc.


Clearly game uses also exist for this domain name.


Five letter .com domain names have sold more than 10,000 times in the past 3 years with an average price of $4975 (NameBio data). The automated estimates of worth vary extensively as is often true for brandable names, ranging from just over $200 at Estibot to about $24,000 retail pricing at NameWorth.


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